We install and service the products we sell, as well as various other manufacturer's products. Our standard service call is $125-150. Please call us to inquire specifically about your product. We will require the manufacturer, model number, and serial number of your unit prior to service.

We are not responsible for: framing, sheet rock, electrical, plumbing, roofing, masonry work, sheet metal work (a quote can be given for decorative chase tops and chase pans if requested), etc...

A typical installation for new construction or remodels includes: installing unit, pipe, offsets (if needed), fire stops, storm collars, cap, and strapping. **Remodel Pricing may vary depending on the scope of work needed (tearing out old fireplace, new chase pans, etc..)**

A typical insert installation includes: installing unit, hooking up to existing gas and electrical, installing flex pipe(s) and cap with flashing, set-up and finish at time of installation.

Call us, E-Mail us, or stop by for an Estimate or for any other Inquiries or Questions.