Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles is our top of the line gas grill company that makes all its grills and products in the USA. These grills and accessories use 14 gauge 304 stainless steel. For their grills each burner is 25,000 BTUs, double lined hood, have high quality ceramic briquettes, 3/8" hexagon grates, zone dividers, hot surface ignition, hood assists, interior lights with a hood activated light switch, LED control panel lights, multi-position and stow away warming rack, and optional infrared rotisserie and infrared sear zone. Twin Eagles Grills come in Freestanding and Built-In models. Twin Eagles 42" Freestanding grill is now #3 on for grills $4,000 and up!

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Delta Heat

Delta Heat is Twin Eagles "more affordable" line of gas grills that are made in the USA. Delta Heat's grills use the same burners as the Twin Eagles, have LED control panel lights, ceramic radiant and direct heat system, interior halogen lights, double lined hood, electronic ignition, and a warming rack. These grills come in 3 sizes: 26", 32" and 38" (which comes standard with the infrared rotisserie). Delta Heat grills come in Freestanding and Built-In models. Delta Heat's 32" Freestanding grill has taken the #1 spot on for grills between $2,000 and $4,000.

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Del Sol

Del Sol is the "littlest brother" of Twin Eagles and Delta Heat. Del Sol is manufactured in China and then shipped to the USA to be assembled and tested. These grills are made of 304 stainless steel, have direct and indirect ceramic cooking system, zone dividers, and a push-and-turn ignition system. These grills come in 3 sizes: 25", 32", and 40" built-in grill heads and freestanding carts. 

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Mak Grills

Mak Grills are completely USA made, pellet smokers. These pellet smokers are top quality made, high or low smokers that let you smoke anything from a full turkey to your favorite cheese and are made to last. There are 3 sized grills: the 1 Star General, 2 Star General, and 4 Star General. The 1 Star is Mak's smallest grill that can fit a 3-12 pound turkey, is fully powder coated, has a newly designed ash clean out door, digital controls, and can be built-in or freestanding. The 2 Star is Mak's medium grill made of all Marine Grade 304 Stainless Steel body and cooking system, digital controls, warmer/cold smoker box, and pellet hopper dump door. Mak's 4 Star is their largest unit that can be built in or freestanding, and is almost the size of 2 2 Star Generals put together. All these grills come with one meat probe and have many optional accessories including a WiFi hookup that allows you to change the temperature of your grill and check the temperature of your meat from your WiFi enabled devices.

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Memphis Pellet Grills

Memphis Wood Fire Grills is a Pellet BBQ manufacturer that makes top of the line, stainless steel, freestanding and built-in pellet grills. Memphis Grill features include high temperature grilling, low-n-slow smoking and convection oven cooking that provide versatility and additional cooking capacity. The precise Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) on the Memphis Grills allow you to easily select and maintain your desired temperature with a range from 180 to 700 degrees for the Elite Model! Memphis Grills are made in the USA, high quality 304 stainless steel and some optional 430 stainless steel models, and double-walled hoods. The new 2016 models have been updated to include a new controller with built-in WiFi, the multi-use Genie Tool, both the direct and indirect cooking plates, a meat probe, and a newly updated Logo.

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These are Premium, Gourmet Food Grade Wood Pellets for you MAK, Memphis, Traeger, or any other wood pellet fueled grill or smoker. These Pellets are made in Central Oregon, made of real flavored hardwood, have no chemicals or additives of any type, and com in 10 different flavors. We currently carry 7 flavors: Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, Peach-Pecan Blend, Championship Blend, Bourbon Blend, and Gourmet Blend. At $14 per 20 lb. bag (compared to $18 a bag for Traeger Pellets) we much prefer these more cost effective, higher quality Pellets.

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Primo Grills

Primo Grills are Ceramic Lump Charcoal Grills made in the USA. These Barbecues come in 6 different sizes and variations.

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Fire Magic

Fire Magic Grills are Premium Grills made in the USA by the R.H. Peterson Company. Fire Magic offers top of the line freestanding and built-in grills, accessories, access doors and more.

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