We carry many different accessories including: custom door, tool sets, screens, high-temp paint, stove cleaning products, log lighters, grates, valve covers and keys, and much more.

Custom Doors

There are 4 different companies that we carry for custom doors: Ironhaus, Stoll, Portland Willamette, and Design Specialties. Ironhaus Doors are custom, hand hammered doors that are made how you want. With many options including: the type of hammered finish, coloring, style handles, glass and/or screens, door designs, and many more options. Stoll carries a varieties of styles, colors, and options; as well as their brand new style: Barn Door Style Sliding Doors. Portland Willamette has custom doors that can be a wide variety of different colors, finishes, and options to best suit the look you are trying to achieve. Design Specialties is a mix between Ironhaus and Portland Willamette. These doors are custom made and can have a variety of colors and designs.

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Freestanding Screens and Tool Sets

We carry a variety of different companies for tool sets and freestanding screens including: Ironhaus, Pilgrim, and Dagan. Ironhaus products are custom made to how you want them to be, with coloring, style, and finish. Pilgrim and Dagan have basic and more custom styled screens and tool sets.

For all the options and other information, click the links below.